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Jil Sander Fall 2014 Details 

Edie Sedgwick in Life Magazine, 1965

Lou Reed, photographed by Billy Name [X]

Flowerburst by Karin Székessy, 1976

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I wrote (to) Natalie and I got her something when I had finished filming, saying, ‘I’m so sorry I had to say all those horrible things.
- Winona Ryder on working with Natalie Portman in Black Swan (2010)


fucking beautiful! even to this day. 

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Descriptions of animals corresponding to fifty figures in this continent.; By Alessandri, Innocent, approx 1-40 Leschi, Lodovico. Scattaglia, Peter. ,it on Flickr.

Publication info In Venice: The printing house of Carlo Palese 0.1771 to 1775.,it
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